Joe C
by on July 8, 2019

Why is no one talking about psychedelic domain names?

Anyone who knows anything about domain name investing knows that marijuana-related domain names are hot right now. With selling for $4.2 million, selling for $500k, and multiple online businesses devoted purely to the sale of marijuana-related domain names, no one is disputing this.

However, from what I can see, literally no one is talking about psychedelic domain names. A Google search for "psychedelic domains" provides no articles about psychedelic domain names, and the same search on Google News similarly provides no results. With Denver, Colorado decriminalizing psilocybin mushrooms, Oakland, California decriminalizing plant-based psychedelics, and a large and coordinated grassroots movement to legalize psychedelics in one form or another, I can't think of another industry as likely to be worth billions of dollars in years to come.

For any company that does business online, or even wants to have an online presence for outreach purposes, having a simple and memorable domain name can make all the difference. The key thing to understand with domain names is that simplicity is valuable.

Let's take as an example. You could create endless variations of this:,,,, etc. But there is only one, and the business that owns will always have an advantage over businesses with more complex domain names. Simplicity is valuable because it is scarce. Complexity is cheap because it is abundant. Simple domain names also have an air of credibility and authority.

I believe that psychedelic domain names have more potential than marijuana related domain names because psychedelic is a much broader concept. Psychedelic is a term that encompasses many different substances including psilocybin, LSD, mescaline, DMT, ayahuasca, 5-MEO-DMT, ibogaine, MDMA, and arguably even marijuana. If psychedelics continue their path toward some form of legalization, the "psychedelic industry" could be far bigger than the marijuana industry because while marijuana is a single plant, psychedelic is a category which encompasses many substances.

"Psychedelic" is also a much more exciting and versatile term than "marijuana". Psychedelic can be used in a context completely unrelated to drugs such as fashion, philosophy, art, meditation, music, festivals, etc., while marijuana has a very rigid meaning. Psychedelic domain names can host websites that are about all these diverse topics while marijuana domain names are very limited in that they must be about marijuana specifically. Due to this flexibility of the term psychedelic, the value of the domains is not strictly tied to the legalization of psychedelic substances.

Because virtually no one is talking about psychedelic domain names, I believe they are currently underpriced on average. Some high-quality names have not even been registered yet, and others are being sold on the aftermarket for far less than they could theoretically be worth in years to come.

The enthusiasm and growth-stock mentality that has driven the marijuana domain market is likely to transfer to the psychedelic domain market. Growth-stock mentality is when the value of an asset is higher than its immediate financial worth would justify due to enthusiasm about what it could be worth in the future. To make money on psychedelic domain names, therefore, you don’t need the psychedelic industry to become very profitable. You only need investors to become very excited about how profitable they think the psychedelic industry could become, and for them to start speculating based on that excitement.


The speculative investing has already begun. Investors, including billionaire Peter Thiel have invested millions of dollars in Compass Pathways, a for-profit organization trying to turn psychedelic compounds into medicine. This is one of a few examples in the recent news of investors finding ways to place bets on the profitability of psychedelic medicine. Regardless of how you feel about psychedelics being a tool for profit, this is simply the reality of the situation. It is only a matter of time before domain names become a part of this trend.

A search on GoDaddy auctions for the term “psychedelic” reveals that many speculators have purchased psychedelic domain names and are attempting to resell them for a profit. It is not that no one is investing in psychedelic domain names; rather, what is notable is that no one is talking about it.

One thing that is important to understand about the domain aftermarket is that just because a domain is listed for sale with a certain price does make the domain worth that price. I could buy any random domain with no premium value to it, and list it for sale for $10,000. At the end of the day it is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Keeping that in mind and recognizing that the below prices are not necessarily reflective of the true worth of the domain names, here are a few psychedelic domain names listed for sale on GoDaddy Auctions:


  • $9,888


  • $1,088


  • Psychedelic.TV $5,395


  • Psychedelic.US $499


  • Psychedelic.SOLUTIONS $50,000


  • $28,600


  • $9,880


  • $150,000



The wide range of pricing is indicative of the fact that no one really knows how much these domains are worth. Any guess is pretty much pure speculation. That said, I won’t be surprised if one day the psychedelic domain market surpasses the marijuana domain market.

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