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by on August 7, 2019

The Copernican Revolution was the perspective change associated with realizing the Earth is not the center of universe. This was very controversial because of the religious and philosophical implications. It is interesting to think in the same way an egotistical person metaphorically “thinks they are the center of the universe”, there was an element of collective egotism at play in the resistance to this new way of thinking. There are many recurring themes in the psychedelic experience. One of them is presenting third alternatives to longstanding dichotomies. For example, the psychedelic experience presents a third alternative to the dichotomy of religious vs. atheist. Another theme of the psychedelic experience is things coming full circle. I think in a way, the Psychedelic Revolution will bring the Copernican Revolution full circle.

The psychedelic experience makes us realize that consciousness is fundamental to reality. Consciousness is not an emergent property of a physical reality. Rather, physical reality exists within consciousness. In a sense this undoes the Copernican Revolution and puts us back at the center of the universe. Perhaps we are attached to the idea of being at the center of the universe because that is our true nature. How could it be possible to desire for something that cannot possibly be achieved? Desire is a phenomenon that occurs along an axis based on a realization that something along that axis can at least hypothetically be achieved. Take hunger for example: to experience hunger, our brains perceive an axis between hunger and satiety, and comprehend a possible route to satiety. If satiety was intrinsically impossible to achieve or a nonsensical concept, our brains would not have the feeling of hunger. Human emotions are not random, and if we have an emotion telling us we want something, we should not be so quick to dismiss it. If we desire to be at the center of reality, then there must be something that it is like to be at the center of reality. Otherwise how could our brains even comprehend the notion to construct the desire in the first place?

For me personally, the awakening to consciousness being fundamental to reality has 3 stages.

  1. Present awareness is fundamental and eternal

  2. Sexuality is deeply embedded in the structure of reality

  3. Language is deeply embedded in the structure of reality

When you have a stage 1 experience, it seems like this experience is all encompassing and that there could be nothing beyond it. The problem with stage 1 is it does not fully undo the Copernican Revolution because as human beings, we do not identify as present awareness only. Yes, present awareness is at the root of our identity; it is always in the background. So to say present awareness is fundamental, that goes a long way to reorienting our cosmic perspective in such a way that humans are at the center.

Stage 2 goes further because now we are getting into a more emotional and personal aspect of life. If you say my awareness is universal, that is profound, but if sexuality is universal, that adds a dimension of beauty that cannot possibly exist with stage 1. Stage 1 is rather intellectual and abstract, but stage 2 is visceral, physical, emotional and romantic. Now we are saying that reality is intrinsically related to pleasure and beauty and love. Stage 1 may be euphoric, but it may also be neutral. Stage 2 is fundamentally positive. “Bad trips” can occur at any stage, but Stage 2 is essentially good in a way that stage 1 is essentially neutral.

Stage 3 completes the undoing of the Copernican Revolution because when we get to divine language and glossolalia, we are talking about how we truly identify as human beings: as the voice in our head. On the deepest level, we don’t identify as present awareness or as our sexuality. We identify as the narrative, the series of words, even more generally as the totality of all language-based expression our brain generates. Words, songs, beginnings, endings, characters, plot twists, protagonists, antagonists: this is how we truly identify. So to say that the voice in our head, the narration itself, is the fundamental structure of reality, that truly puts us at the center of the universe. Anyone who was uneasy during the Copernican Revolution can RIP knowing that we have truly come full circle. In fact, this psychedelic level of human importance is far stronger than what was initially implied by the belief that the Earth was the center of the universe. To say we have come full circle is an understatement.

With all 3 stages, there is a notion of the individual vs. the universal.

  1. Present awareness: the awareness of one person vs. the transcendental awareness of the entire universe

  2. Sexuality: the sexuality of one person vs. the transcendental sexuality of the entire universe

  3. Language: the speech of one person vs. the transcendental speech of the entire universe

This duality of the finite vs. the infinite is deeply mysterious. Some say that the finite is an illusion, and that we need to wake up to the true reality of everything being infinite. This is simplistic. The finiteness of human awareness, sexuality and language is not an illusion, nor is the infinite reality a hallucination. We live in some sort of bizarre third alternative where reality is somehow infinite and finite simultaneously. The true relationship between infinity and finiteness is absolutely mysterious.

With all 3 stages, the notion of cosmic reconciliation is progressively fascinating:

  1. Since present awareness is eternal, you don’t need to fear death. Death is actually a relief from suffering.

  2. The universe is engaged in a stage of transcendental sexual bliss. The suffering of life is forgetting this, thinking love must be earned.

  3. The universe is saying something eternally, the most profound thing that can possibly be said. The voice in our head is a fragment of this perfect and divine statement.

I am interested in the categorization of psychedelic experiences and in particular logical progressions of experience. This is an outline of how my psychedelic realizations have progressed. I am interested if anyone can relate to this progression or if anyone has alternative progressions of psychedelic thinking and experience. Let me know in the comments, or in the forum. forum:

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