Psychedelics have been used for a variety of different reasons: to expand the mind, become more spiritual, increase creativity, or simply to see the world melt and become much more trippy. Now, I don't endorse the use of psychedelics for the final reason, but of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with it. 

However, it doesn't quite matter why you take a psychedelic, it will always throw a monkey wrench at you and you will never be ready for it. Now, what this monkey wrench does is break down your assumptions about the world, society, and yourself. This sounds much scarier than it actually is, but that is not to say that it isn't an intense and visceral experience. Having one's assumptions broken down in the span of a few hours can leave one feeling empty and desolate, but somewhere amongst that will arise a clarity that brings hopefulness. It's when this clarity comes that the bolts that were loosened by the wrench can be tightened once more. This is when the monkey wrench begins to work its magic. 

It's at this point in the psychedelic journey that the grand revelations begin to crash like waves on a rocky shore. It's because of these revelations that many people consider psychedelics to be healing - these revelations are often deeply personal and offer one the peculiar opportunity to rethink their life, their loves, and their passions too. It isn't just the opportunity to rethink the design of a facade, but the opportunity to rethink the design of the entire building. It's a beautiful moment to understand the new ideas and revelations that one comes across - it is even more beautiful to decide whether or not to actually make those ideas a reality. That is the beauty of the monkey wrench: it will breakdown you and the world around you, but not without showing you the parts that are in dire need of fixing.

To be shown so viscerally what is in need of fixing is a rare occurrence in life. It can lead to changing habits, changing appearances, and even change how one thinks. I know from personal experience that psychedelic drugs have lead to me changing serious aspects of my life - and every time it happened, it changed my life for the better. This isn't always the story with psychedelics though. For as many times as people gain something from the experience, there are just as many people that have a terrible experience and gain absolutely nothing. With all of the great things about psychedelics in mind, it is important to remember that each trip is a different one. Each trip is one that can either make the world wonderful or make the world the most terrifying place (although most times there is a bit of both). These drugs are not to be taken lightly, because each time you ingest them, you are submitting yourself to a beating from a heavy wrench. It will hurt at some point in the trip, but eventually, the beating will stop and it will have changed some part of you changed. Just hope that the change is for the better.

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