I just posted a blog about speaking in tongues/divine language/glossolalia and I wanted to give you all a place to share your own experiences. Have any of you ever experienced glossolalia? I've never met anyone else who has gone through this. I always assumed I was a bit of a weirdo, even after all the research I did after my own experience. I'm excited to hear what you all have to add to the discussion!

A few questions:
1. What do you think glossolalia/divine language really is? Is there any rational explanation for it?
2. Does it have to be drug-induced? My example of the Oracle of Delphi was interesting, but I don't think it would ever happen to me whilst sober.
3. Why do psychedelics induce glossolalia?

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Joe C

Sam Ripples

Yes! This is my favorite Terence McKenna quote for sure!

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Another cool McKenna quote I found, relevant to this topic:

"The project of language in human beings is only partially completed. It doesn't have to stop at little mouth noises. There's a way to pass over into something more grandiose, more enclosing, more boundary dissolving, more emotionally intense."

- Terence McKenna

Sam Ripples

I really like that quote. I wonder what the next step would be in "passing over" to a new type or evolution of language? It brings questions to mind for sure.

Joe C

Honestly, to me that sounds like Glossolalia! To me glossolalia fits all of those adjectives, with the exception being that I am not sure what enclosing would mean in this context.

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