Orion Project
Orion Project (Bio): An Art-Chemist, born on the 20th of December 1984, in the paradise Island, Mauritius. Hans Jeetun's musical venture began in 2007, which pulls together many elements to create an intensity that lifts the body, mind and spirit to undiscovered plateaus.   The year 2012 was a profound influence in his musical journey where Hans decided to dedicate himself entirely towards Psychedelic Trance as his main music genre and eventually Orion Project was born. The thirst for innovation inspired him where he began organising and hosting Private Underground Parties in the Island. Being immersed in his deep experimental journey, he decided to promote Psytrance as a Music Genre in the Island, which lead to the creation of Psy Family Mauritius on the 4th of May 2015.    In 2016, he took a leap of faith and headed to India where he spent 15 months exploring and digging deeper into the Psychedelic experiences he has had. Goa was the magical destination where he had the chance to encounter and stage with some of the heavyweights of the Psytrance industry which totally inspired him in his musical career. Hans likes describing his style as being a “hard-edged Psychedelia with a pinch of happiness”.    Hans came back to Mauritius in December 2017. With all the experiences he gained while being in India, he started reorganising Underground Music parties and this time the focus was simply on Psychedelic genres. Being the mastermind behind the Oblivion Gatherings happening in Mauritius, Hans has had a simple vision and that is to make Mauritius a Psychedelic Music Hub in the Indian Ocean. This is something that keeps motivating him in his everyday life in whatever he does musically.    Orion Project is nowadays considered as a reference for psychedelic music in Mauritius. Orion Project connects you to a bigger picture. His purpose is to express and convey a feeling and to behold the moment; the essence of oscillating between a smile and a tear. His sets transport souls to tragedy, joy, ecstatic moves and humour together inviting a collective dance and listeners are submerged into a soundscape. His music creates an environment that stimulates the listener to release themselves from the trials of everyday life and confront their challenges. The Psytrance floor channels the spirit and aligns the body, mind and soul while spreading love, light and unity.    Artists shared the stages with: Grouch (Zenon Records) | Hellquist (Zenon Records / Uroboros Records) | Kryptamine (Uroboros Records) | Tenishia | Ben Gold | Merkaba / Kalya Scintilla (Zenon Records / Merkaba Music) | StarLab (Digital Om Productions) | Boris Brejcha (Fcking Serious Records) | LOUD (Nano Records) | Groove Addict (Nano Records) | Parasect (Bom Shanka Records) | Djantrix (Digital OM Productions) | Fobi (Green Wizard Records) | EVP / Reality Grid (Wildthings Records) | Yahel (Perfecto Records) | Belik Boom | Fungus Funk (Sangoma Records) | Giuseppe (Parvati Records) | Arjuna (Parvati Records) | Noctilus (Parvati Records) | Claw (Parvati Records) | Confo (Parvati Records) | Govinda (Believe Lab) | Jovis (Mr. Pink) (Believe Lab & Peak Records) | Pantomiman (Looney Moon Records) | Technical Hitch (Alice D Records) | Mandragora | Vici Vici (Iboga Records, Black Hole Recordings and Dreamstate) | Sensient (Zenon Records) | Pspiralife (Zenon Records) | Freedom Fighters (Iboga Records) | Braincell (Nano Records) | Captain Hook (Iboga Records) Festivals performed: Ekta Festival 2015 (Mauritius) | Dream Bubble Festival 2016 (Goa, India) | Boom Shankar Festival 2016 (Goa, India) | Jungle Calling Festival (Holiday Edition 2017) (Goa, India) | Magica Festival 2017 (Himachal Pradesh, India) | Electric Mahadev Festival 2017 (Himachal Pradesh, India) | Freedom Blast Festival 2017 (Goa, India) | Full Moon Festival (Season 2016/2017) (Goa, India) | Good Vibes Festival 2017 (Mauritius) | The Darkwoods Festival 2018 (Mauritius) | The Ørbital Festival 2018 (Mauritius) | The Darkwoods Festival 2019 (Mauritius) Events organised in Mauritius: Vortex Gatherings 2016 | Oblivion Gatherings (2013 - 2019) (Mauritius) | Brainbow Gathering featuring StarLab (Digital OM Productions) | Subliminal Verses featuring Braincell (Nano Records)