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The word "psychedelic" means "mind manifesting". Therefore psychedelic is not just a type of drug but also are you way of thinking. The word psychedelic is related to philosophy, personal development, religion, spirituality, biology, chemistry, neuroscience, art, music and more. is not a site about drugs; it is a site about all aspects of psychedelic culture and psychedelic studies. There are people who create psychedelic art who have never done psychedelic drugs for example. is a global community, and the legal status of psychedelic drugs varies from place to place. It is your responsibility to ensure that your choices are not illegal in whichever location you reside. does not promote or encourage illegal activity of any sort. The sale of psychedelic compounds on our site is not permitted, even in areas where such sale may be legal. Attempting to engage in illegal activity on the site will cause your account to be shut down.

The purpose of is to bring people together who share a psychedelic way of thinking about life and enjoy engaging in activities related to psychedelic culture. We resist the attempt to characterize the psychedelic movement as something which is strictly about psychedelic drugs. The psychedelic movement is about psychedelic music, psychedelic art, psychedelic philosophy, psychedelic mental health, etc. Drugs are only one aspect of psychedelic culture.

We neither encourage nor discourage the use of psychedelic drugs. You are 100% responsible for your own behavior. If you make the decision to use psychedelic drugs, we urge you to proceed with caution and care. Psychedelic drugs are powerful tools which should not be used carelessly or recklessly.

You are allowed to promote your business if it is related to the psychedelic niche in a clear way. For example, businesses related to psychedelic art, psychedelic clothing, psychedelic retreats, psychedelic meetups, psychedelic festivals, psychedelic activism, etc. may be promoted on without permission. Using the platform to promote a business which is not related in a clear way to psychedelia will cause your account to be deleted.